Simple Freezer Spells to Strengthen Your Love Life

Simple Freezer Spells to Strengthen Your Love Life

What is a Freezer Spell for Love: A Definition

A freezer spell for love is a type of traditional folk magic used to influence the emotions and feelings of someone. It’s also sometimes referred to as an ice box spell, cold treatment, or even a conversational cold shoulder. This magical practice likely originated in West Africa and has been adapted over time by practitioners of many different belief systems around the world.

At its core, a freezer spell involves emotionally distancing yourself from someone with whom you have a relationship, often romantic in nature. Practitioners will place items related to their desired outcome — typically within some form of receptacle such as bag or box — and “freeze” it with either magical words or actual ice cubes to symbolize an emotional freeze-out of the individual in question. However, there are two distinct versions of this kind of spell: one that encourages reconciliation between two parties, and another which entices apathy from one person towards another.

For instance, if you wanted to inspire a certain level of affection from someone, you would place love-drawing ingredients (such as rose petals and pink candles) into your bag or jar before freezing it. In contrast, if you’d like someone not to care about your existence anymore — such as limiting contact after ending a toxic relationship — then more bitter elements such as hibiscus flowers may be added in order to signify that feeling. Whatever the intention may be however, all spells must abide by some simple precautions: never direct them against other people without their consent; only use items where no living being was harmed/harmed; and set intentions based on what’s morally right for both parties involved. Ultimately though, even with these regulated steps put in place any spiritual ritual should be handled carefully given its potential power — making sure that it doesn’t ultimately cause more harm than good.

How to Cast a Freezer Spell for Love: Step-by-Step Guide

A freezer spell is a type of traditional folk magic that many people use for various situations, including love and relationships. It’s an easy and effective spell to cast when you want to increase or attract the emotion of love in your life — whether it’s from yourself, from another person, or from a particular situation or goal.

Here is a step-by-step guide to casting a freezer spell for love:

Step 1: Find an appropriate container to hold your “love” items. Use something airtight so that no moisture can get inside and jeopardize the ingredients. You could use anything glass, ceramic, metal (not aluminum) or plastic. Make sure you have enough space to store what you need without going over capacity.

Step 2: Gather up all the items you will need for your spell — some personal items such as a picture of yourself, hair clips/pins/bracelets (any wearable object), etc., as well as any additional items such as herbs and other charms/talismans associated with love rituals.

Step 3: Place all of your ingredients into the container and close it tightly so nothing spills out during transport to the freezer. Make sure everything has blended together before finalizing this part of the spell!

Step 4: Say aloud either a simple entreaty about love coming into your life (e.g.: “with this spell I invoke the energy of purest love into my life”) or any specific mantras associated with attracting and embodying unconditional love within oneself (e.g.: “I fill myself with divine light and open my heart to receive infinite possibilities”).

Step 5: Put on whatever music feels most comforting/joyful and peaceful for you as background noise while bringing your attention back inside practices like meditation/visualization/journalling for 15 minutes or so until feeling ready to conclude the ritual portion – highlighting attentiveness along every step taken gives us further connection points towards germinating shifts we are manifesting through our intentions; maintain those bonds in prayerful behaviour letting go thereafter so results come naturally. Then seal it off by saying expressively three times “This is my will – So Mote it be”.

Step 6: Place this container in the freezer until you feel called upon ( could take anywhere between 24 hours up til several weeks later )to draw contents out again – remembering all things serve their purposes presented uniquely throughout life – trust unconditionally whatever newfound feelings arise; remove swiftly with utmost care after closing eyes first taking few relaxing breaths before handling materials collected safely once more :) Enjoy finishing off with good vibes shared among friends

Pros and Cons of Casting a Freezer Spell for Love

Freezer spells are a type of magick that involves using the cold temperatures of a freezer to generate certain results. A traditional freezer spell for love is meant to “trap” or “freeze” the feelings associated with love, usually within someone else’s heart. In other words, it is meant to make someone feel as if they have been frozen in time or kept from feeling any other emotion but love towards another person.

The Pros:

One potential benefit of casting a Freezer Spell for Love is that it can potentially bring two people closer together and make them more likely to reconcile if they were in some kind of fight or disagreement. The energies associated with the spell can encourage greater understanding between the two individuals and promote peace among them. It may also help a couple deal better with their separation if one of them had left the relationship, leading to fewer hard feelings.

The Cons:

A downside of performing this kind of spell is that it could potentially be seen as manipulative by those involved and leave lasting resentment after the fact. It would also put a wedge in any communication process between two people since all sorts of emotions are being artificially manipulated. Furthermore, using magickal means such as binding and freezing spells can have long-term detrimental effects on both parties instead of solving anything in the short term and possibly increasing hostilities further down the line.

Commonly Asked Questions About Freezer Spells for Love

Freezer spells for love are gaining in popularity as people turn to magic and spell work to manifest their desires in a variety of unusual ways. Rather than casting a traditional spell on an individual, these types of spells involve placing items inside a freezer to bring about a desired outcome. In this way, they allow the caster to control the circumstances leading up to the result rather than having to rely solely on faith or luck. With that said, it’s understandable why some people would have questions about how such spells should be performed. Below are answers to some common queries about using freezer spell for love.

Q: What Items Are Used For Freezer Spells For Love?

A: The items used for these types of spells could vary from one individual to another depending on what objects correspond with them or their target most closely. However, examples of items commonly associated with love include red cloth, rose petals, hearts made from paper or fabric, photos of you and/or your target, small tokens like coins or rings, herbs like lavender and hibiscus, as well as other personal belongings like pieces of jewelry and even name papers (a written record featuring both participants’ names). All items must be sanitized before being placed in the freezer since this is considered an essential part of keeping ill effects away while increasing positive ones!

Q: How Exactly Do Freezer Spells For Love Work?

A: While every person’s practice may differ according to how they were taught or instructed by more experienced mentors in orders that can’t be discussed here publicly – essentially freezer spells work by trapping energy within the confines of the frozen item so that when it begins thawing out slowly — usually over 7-9 days — this released energy will influence whatever outcome forms from your efforts towards manifesting something new which includes new relationships & prosperous balances between them from which everyone involved benefits harmoniously!

Q: Can I Make Up My Own Spell To Cast As A Freezer Spell?

A: Absolutely! It is completely possible for you to craft your own personal spell for love that caters specifically towards helping you achieve your goal. When wording any such spells make sure not be overly general but rather think critically about what it is exactly you hope to accomplish and tailor each word accordingly until satisfied with its power potential – remember intention matters greatly too when performing any type of magical working including those involving freezers so direct yours towards success & happiness wisely!

Top 5 Facts About Using Freezer Spells for Love

1. Freezer spells are a popular form of folk magic, steeped in Southern American and African cultures, that people utilize for all sorts of purposes — especially when it comes to money and love. The logic behind them is relatively straightforward: by trapping an entity (in this case, love) and making it unable to move or leave, one’s hopes for the desired affect will manifest.

2. One key step in casting a freezer spell involves utilizing items that hold personal significance to you; examples include: pictures of yourself and your intended lover; jewelry/objects once owned or previously shared between you two; fabric scraps associated with either person, etc… It is important to note that all these sentimental materials should be placed inside of a “vessel” – usually some type of tightly sealed container – which is then kept frozen over the spell duration.

3. While there exist numerous different components involved in crafting freezers spells, they all involve combining the aforementioned elements with herbs and spices that correspond to various spiritual energies (for example: mint is often used for prosperity). In general, freezer spells should also be supplemented with additional ritualistic spells and rituals like candle burning or prayer work for increased success rates.

4. When undertaking freezer spells related to matters of love & relationship the intention behind them must stay consistent throughout casting time; For example: seeking protection from harm? This would dictate specific herbs/oils be chosen versus those belonging in categories such as attraction or unionized desires.5 Lastly upon completion of any freezer spell, its container/vessel should remain undisturbed at least 30 days before any conclusions can be drawn – as this allows proper time for one’s request(s) to manifest into physical reality (if they haven’t already!). Be patient..!

Final Thoughts on Freezer Spells for Love

Freezer spells for love have been used for centuries as a way to influence emotions and bring about desired outcomes in relationships. While these spells can be powerful, they should not be taken lightly as they can have drastic outcomes when not handled correctly. To ensure the best outcome, it’s important to practice freezer spell magic within a secure spiritual framework, as well as thoroughly researching any spell before attempting it. Additionally, all interactions between parties while under the influence of a freezer spell must remain respectful and loving due to their powerful nature.

When done with intention and mindfulness, there are many ways that freezer spells for love can bring positive results into troubled partnerships. Ultimately, those who choose this method of influencing relationships should go into it with an open mind, rather than expecting an instantaneous romantic turnaround from their freezer spells alone. If both people involved in the relationship are open to self-growth and improving communication patterns within its dynamic, then the power of magical charms are likely to work successfully in harmony with those efforts – adding extra support on the journey to happily ever after!

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